Kalbe Consumer Health

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Kalbe Consumer Health is a unit of PT. Kalbe Farma Tbk that specialized in self-medication products. We have a wide range of leading and innovative brands, trusted from generation to generation - Promag, Promag Gazero, Entrostop, Kalpanax, Sakatonik Liver, Sakatonik ABC, Fatigon, Cerebrofort, Xonce, H2 Health and Happiness, Mixagrip, Procold, Woods and many more. We are the top leading organisation in Indonesia and since 1990 we also serve consumers across the globe. Our leading brands are sold in multiple countries from Asia to Africa. It is our purpose to provide trusted healthcare for a more meaningful life. We are proud of ourselves on what we do and aspire to innovate for a better life. For Indonesia and for the world.

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