ICS Compute

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We’re a quality-driven cloud consulting and cloud system integration firm that helps companies solve business problems and build the future computing environment. As the world is moving and changing very fast, to keep pace, companies need to find new ways to get to market faster, create new experiences, and build operational muscle for sustainable results. Disrupt or otherwise get disrupted. Rising to those challenges demands a fresh and faster approach to problem solving. We’re a team of engineers, thinkers, makers, and doers that came from multinational and local enterprises, consultancies, and startups, that attracted by a dream of working hard and having a lot of fun of loving our works to provide the best quality of cloud solution and services to our clients to simply their lives and make them happy. Our teams are deeply connected and bring our shared experiences, skills, and knowledges, with combined of more than 25 years of cloud design, deployment, migration, and operation for private, public cloud, and hybrid cloud, as well as cloud services.

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