PT. Wook Global Technology

About Us

Established in 2011, PT Wook Global Technology is the first e-commerce company that is building a platform which combines the concept of B2B (Business to Business) and O2O (online to offline) in Indonesia. Our company is based in Indonesia. We are managing many well known brands, like VIVAN, ROBOT, FOSSO, RONA, SOOKU, VOOLAX and etc. Products are ranging from GADGET ACCESSORIES, PC ACCESSORIES, BUILDING MATERIAL, WALLPAPER, VAPE and etc. And there will be more well known and qualified brands and products joining us, since we have a strong supply chain team based in China. Our Mobile e-commerce platform (B2B distribution)—WOOK integrates the features of Sale and Group-buying with the model of O2O. It provides customers attractively advertising and high-quality supply chain resources. With the rapid development of mobile shopping in Indonesia, WOOK will take advantage of our outstanding APP application, experienced sales team and abundant Chinese supply chain resources, to become Indonesia's best mobile terminal distribution platform. Our registered users positioned as traditional retailers, shop owner, mobile shop owner, social media suppliers (Facebook / twitter / Wechat) ,shopkeepers, etc. Showed by the 2014 Indonesia Marketing Research data, with the mobile phone penetration rate 10.7%, 3G penetration rate 17%, Indonesia has nearly 50 million mobile phone users, which ranked sixth in the world, with the growth rate up to 10% per year. The Internet Age of Indonesia is coming. Our head office is in Jakarta. We already have 34 branch offices in Indonesia and HAVE more than 1000 employees ALL INDONESIA.

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