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PT Geotekindo is a professional entity specializing in geotechnical investigation, design, research, construction and consultancy. Our parent company, Geoharbour Group (www.geoharbour.com), is a chief editor of China Standard of Reclamation Soil Treatment and a director member of Technical Committee of China Soft Soil Treatment. More and more development of cities, industrial estates, ports and etc takes place in difficult ground condition area such as coastal areas or close to rivers. There are two major challenges regarding land preparation for the development, the original soil conditions are generally soft and good quality backfill material is become more expensive and difficult to find. An appropriate ground improvement techniques can provide a solution to the challenges mentioned above. The balance between technical, timing, cost and the environment requirements can meet with the specific and unique site conditions under application of a proper ground improvement method. Numerous advance techniques are available such as vacuum preloading, vibro stone column, vibroflotation, dynamic compaction, dynamic replacement, deep cement mixing, sand compaction pile, HVDM etc where each of the method has its own advantage and disadvantage compare to others. PT. Geotekindo as a ground improvement specialist can provide the most effective and efficient solution to all your soil improvement needs.

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