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There are millions of retail and business companies in Indonesia, although we have received much support to build the company and have experienced growth to date. Established in 2018, PT Laku Keras Indonesia started its journey as a B Erl Cosmetics distributor and has grown marked by the addition of business divisions, namely Berlanja. id and Lakukerasin. PT Laku Keras Indonesia is a Start-up company whose goal is to help and provide a platform for our business partners to grow knowledge in doing business and significantly grow partners' sales. In 2021 we created a mentoring program for beginners in doing business or business owners, namely Lakukerasin. In August 2023, we changes the company name and logo formerly PT Laku Keras Indonesia to PT Exa Profit Optima. All company’s activities will utilise the new identity as mentioned above. By building this business, we pour out the hope that we apply to the company name to become a prayer so that all of our business pillars become successful and our business can benefit various parties.

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