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PT ADEV Natural Indonesia is a manufacturing company that focuses on cosmetic tolling services (making beauty products). Adev's slogan is Cosmetic Business Solutions. PT ADEV Natural Indonesia was officially established on January 15, 2007 in Bogor. Starting from the results of research and development of laboratory scale transparent soap at the Bogor Agricultural Institute initiated by Prof. Dr. Ir. Erliza Hambali, MSc and Prof. Dr. Ir. Ani Suryani, DEA in 2004. Research is consistently being carried out to perfect the formula so that mass soap production processes can be carried out. After more than 15 years of experience in making transparent soap, ADEV never stops innovating. Currently, PT ADEV Natural Indonesia is capable of producing various body care products ranging from haircare, skincare, bodycare, men's corner (men's care products), to cosmetics for lips. Going forward, PT ADEV Natural Indonesia will continue to be committed and strive to develop quality cosmetic products that comply with BPOM standards and comply with CPKB standards.

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