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PasarTrainer is a platform that connects professional experts and human capital learning management in organizations. Fundamentally, we aim to change two things. Organization learning management and work arrangement. We believe that both can be done more effectively and efficiently so all the people involved can benefit from the change. We understand that managing training for your talent is not an easy process. From knowing what competencies to develop, how to develop them, what topics should be trained and professional trainer sourcing, all are not easy. We aim to significantly change that with our platform. We partner with professional experts who are carefully curated to bring you the best training experience. You can easily browse courses that they develop and choose the right trainer for your talents. Based on our own experience as professionals in the industry,we know that work can be taxing. Be it from time spent or the commitment it requires, we tend to sacrifice our personal lives a lot more for work. And when it is time for us to retire, we bear the challenge of trying to figure out what’s next. We aim to provide an alternative solution for all of the above. We aim to create an ecosystem where people can utilize their expertise, work flexibly while still earning decent income to live better lives.

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