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Fintopia Indonesia was established in 2017 under PT Indonesia Fintopia Technology and is a subsidiary of Fintopia Inc. (a global fintech company committed to providing affordable financial services for everyone, especially for those unbanked and underbanked). Fintopia Indonesia, led by its product Easycash, has 11 million cumulative registered users and has provided $1 billion USD worth of consumer loans for 2 million people such as small business owners, farmers, students, and other working professionals. Differing from traditional credit check solutions, Fintopia lends money to our customers based on their online footprint which everyone has. By leveraging big data technologies and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, we have developed a loan decision engine that generates accurate credit decisions in seconds. Fully-automated underwriting and origination workflow have been built to process thousands of loan applications efficiently. With the capability to self-regulate its learning, the risk-return profile of our credit loan portfolio has become more and more attractive.

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