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BORWITA is an independent distribution company that was founded in 1976 by Mr. Hady Karyono. Borwita was first involved in the business of pharmaceutical distribution based in Surabaya. The company's business grew aggressively and in 1988, Borwita started a Consumer Products Distribution Division. Driven by the rapid growth of the consumer products distribution division, PT. Borwita Citra Prima (BCP) was incorporated in 1995. Today, BCP distributes the full spectrum of consumer products, including personal care & hygiene, food, and beverage. BCP's principals are market leaders within their respective segments and include both multinationals and home-grown conglomerates. Borwita's current distribution reach spans East Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java, Bali, Lombok, Nusa Tenggara, Sulawesi, Maluku, and Papua. Our family of 5,000+ people is our greatest asset which allows us to cover 340,000+ outlets across all channels, ranging in size from hypermarkets, supermarkets, minimarkets, wholesalers, big retailers, and small stores. Borwita's infrastructure includes 34 warehouses, 349 delivery trucks, and 280 delivery motorcycles operating out of 170 branch offices across Indonesia. Commencing 2014, Borwita has expanded its business to start a Logistic Services unit. Leveraging its strong infrastructure and network, backed by strong & in-depth experience logistic professionals, Borwita Logistic has been able to provide & serve unique solutions to its customers in warehousing, multi-mode deliveries, and cross-docking activities. Borwita Logistics serves logistics services for P&G, Frisian Flag Indonesia, Nutrifood, Mitra Bukalapak, and many more. Under the auspices of PT. Borwita Indah, in 2018, Orbiz, an e-commerce enabler with freedom built in was launched. ORBIZ was built as a strategic partner to meet the business needs of online sales, both in pureplay retail to e-commerce platforms as online distributors, or through direct sales to customers.

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